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The Fox Hole Podcast

The Number 1 Place For Tips On Artist Development, Brand Management, and Music Industry Marketing

The Fox Hole Podcast is deemed the number 1 place for your tips on Artist Development, Brand Management, and Music Marketing. The Foxhole is asset to the SE 360 Music Festival also. Education and Opportunity will enhance every artist through this tough cold industry. I paid thousand of dollars for the information provided within this podcast.  Study the business and perfect your craft.We greatly appreciate every person interacting with our brand. We work hard so everybody else can play hard. Each time we learn the food for thought helps us build our careers to the next level.  Thank you for you listening from Ike Ellis.

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The Fox Hole Podcast revolves around the helping of Artist develop in a few key areas of the music industry. This particular episode discusses the productivity in a day with 7 key points.

1. Keep your target in sight at all times

2. Plan your work, work your plan

3. Know your interenal biological clock

4. Bank time for different activities

5.End the day with review and more planning for the next day

6. Refine, dont reinvent

7. Give Youruself Credit

Artist should develop these steps to get the most out of their day. These episode also promotes a artist within the SE 360 Music Festival community.

If you are interested in having your song feature on our podcast with some fire tracks and will try our best to play them for our listeners.  Be on the look out for more episodes about music marketing, artist development, and brand management.

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