Back in February of 2010 during the CIAA, I almost died from alcohol poison. I engulfed the liquor until my body could not consume anymore and blacked out. Some cheap Pinnacle vodka that delivered me to one of the darkest places ever in life without even knowing how to escape.  I remember looking around for my phone the day after. I found the phone and could not think of a soul I could call on to help me, but maybe my mom and or my cousin.

Nitres and Ike Ellis Announce the Release  of their New Hit Single, “Sorry” Featuring Trey Benjii WORLDWIDE— Mila Musik Group in collaboration with 100 Grand Entertainment, announces the release of the anticipated new single “Sorry” by Nitres and Ike Ellis. The duo originally collaborated in 2012 on their smash single “Take Them Panties Off”. Now […]

Relationships with women based on security blankets such as education, financial dependency, and discount the ability to be love through romance.
Whether good or bad, we as individuals have to search for some type of balance when it comes to romancing and being romanced. Though we hear the word constantly, do we really take the time to practice romance? Do we really keep the romance consistent within our relationships? Do hold sight of what’s important within the relationship aside from the life’s atrocities? Let’s try to keep the romance alive and the relationships spontaneous.

How he fulfills her sexually, emotionally, physically, and mentally all are significant to the man in the relationship. The sex is very important, but realize it’s not the only aspect important to the man in a relationship. I would like to stress the balance of the universe between two people to really achieve that ultimate bliss of love. What are you some of your thoughts on how significant sex is in a relationship? Do you feel it’s more important than growing together? Is growing sexually a catalyst to growing in other aspects of the relationship or vice versus? For example, is making money together more important than growing sexually together? This is the “Bed Room Significance” post and your thoughts are kindly welcomed. Ready Set Go!!!!!

We yearn to be included into something great. We hope that one day we can finally enter a union under the light of love, faith, and trust. We want to grasp forever as it aligns within our values and belief. For example, husband and wife, subconsciously means more than boyfriend and girlfriend, marriage is a greater title than relationship. The value of commitment should hold more weight than “shacking up” .