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Sorry Release

Sorry IKE ELLIS & NITRES featuring Tre Benji

Nitres and Ike Ellis Announce the Release

of their New Hit Single, “Sorry” Featuring Trey Benjii

WORLDWIDE— Mila Musik Group in collaboration with 100 Grand Entertainment, announces the release of the anticipated new single “Sorry” by Nitres and Ike Ellis. The duo originally collaborated in 2012 on their smash single “Take Them Panties Off”. Now the duo has returned to turn the music world on its head with the release of their new single produced by Poundcake Productions. The all-new single featuring Trey Benjii is September 8th, 2017 on all online stores and media platforms!

PoundcAke Production

Poundcake Production has been redefining sounds since 2007 bring multiple sonically characteristic to the game for a few North Carolina Artist. Creating a rich formula for hit songs through 808 and futuristic sounds, the production will set the tone for the industry in years to come. Feel free to listen to the latest beats each week and develop your hits accordingly. We want to change the game. We are looking for quality artist to fulfill the bottomline, making hits. Definitely grateful for you to even listen to the sounds provided. Thank you for your time, check back weekly as new beats will be posted until we build our catalog up.


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