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Quality Over Quantity Time? Love On Fire Podcast Post Included

The Quality over Quantity Which do you prefer? 4 Thought processes to develop a better understanding of Quality time over Quantity time in relationships. Podcast Included Below…….

A few months ago, I had a chance to discover a concept unknown to me ever before. A topic of quality over quantity as it applies to relationships.

I reached for my keys and drove to my lady’s home. I called her phone; while on the way and asked did she want something to eat? She said, “Sure, bring me some Cookout”. I said, “cool” and ran to Cookout to get a tray and some fruit punch. 

Meanwhile, I was in the car thinking of some rhymes and what would be my plans for the next day. She was writing a beautiful idea for the next social gathering between her family and mine. It’s about 11pm, by the time I arrived to her place and the local news was on T.V. I asked her did she want to watch Power, I had bought season 4 from Best Buy and wanted to see it all before season 5 came on the Internet. 

She really didn’t want to see Power because she already seen season 4 and she really wanted to watch the news that night for some reason. I had been working all day, so I was sleepy any way and went to sleep on the news and my lady who had been waiting patiently on my arrival.  She has the “stank” face because I missed the understanding about quality time over quantity time

After we wake up, the moment occurs where she developed a silent tantrum and I was suppose to understand why she mad without her ever saying a word. The short answers, body language was different , paying more attention to the phone, walked out the door without even saying good morning . 

I’m thinking to my self, what did I ever do to her, I bought her food last night? Shit, she should appreciate a good guy for coming in right? I didn’t’ curse her out, nothing; so why she mad? I say whatever to my self and go ahead with my day as I planed last night. A few hours pass and she didn’t hit me up for lunch like she normally does, so then it hits my brain like she is really mad for something, but at this point I still don’t know what it is she could be mad about, after all I did get her some Cookout. I even put cheese on the burger for her just how she likes it. 

So a few days pass by and I forgot all about it and I receive a text message explaining what part of the ship I missed when it came to why she was mad.

Quality over Quantity

Understanding from the Storyline

  1. First, as a man I have to understand the difference between being appreciated and doing what I am suppose to do as a man because it’s the right thing to do. Many times because our egos are so high, we expect praise for everything we do from our woman. We expect for the woman to show appreciation because let’s say the ratio is so disproportionate and she will never be able to find another better. When in actuality, she probably could find anybody she would like, she just choose to stick it out because she really loves the man.
  2.  Next, I discovered the definition of balance as it applies to a relationship.  Time management is everything when it comes to being in a relationship. Designating time for rhymes, and other plans should be just as important to spend quality time with the woman we claim to love. The balance between the outside world and the world within the relationship is everything to keep a relationship going at full steam. Balance is a concept I had to learn and still a challenge to maintain the balance within the chaotic life of Ike Ellis.
  3. You could spend 30 seconds with a person they will remember for the rest of their life or four hours with a person and either person pay any attention to the other persons. Quality time over quantity time any day, any woman will tell you they want. Even though you work hard in a day’s time, a man has to find the time to spend quality time with the woman they claim to love. People on this earth do exactly what they want to do, when they want to do it, if they have the liberty to do so.
  4. Finally, the communication of scheduling and sharing common things both would like to do. For example, even though the news was boring to me, I should have found something interesting about it instead of just going to sleep on my lady. I should find another time to watch the fourth season of Power, before the 5th season comes to ensure we can watch the 5th season together as a compromise.

Comments, Thoughts, Shares, Engagement

I’m eager to hear you folk’s thoughts on quality time. Feel free to comment, share, and discuss how we can find a means to develop quality time with a person we claim to love. I learned a lot from this situation, but when it comes to relationships it’s always more to learn and discuss. I hope the short story inspires us all to develop a means to bridge the gap with the ones we claim to love as it pertains to quality time. Until next time stay focused on the free world…stay focus on the ones you claim to love….I’m out ….✊

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