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Ike Ellis | The Corners Freestyle | 2018

The Corners Freestyle

We are in a space where the words are flowing more fluidly. We manage to drop a freestyle yesterday and I wanted to share it with you folks. The freestyle is from a great beat of Kanye West on Common Sense album entitled “The Corners”. The freestyle came out of no where as all the momentum surrounding Kanye West statement “slavery is a choice” .

I understood what Kanye was trying to convey, however I don’t think he took the time to articulate his message . Either way, the comment struck a nerve and inspire us to lay a freestyle. This will be the first of a weekly series of freestyles hopefully, to continue to provide the voice to the people. We seem to excel in this part of the rap game, so we will continue to push forward for the culture. Enjoy the freestyle and leave a few comments of some beats you would like to hear us flow on.

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