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Do You believe in the Law of Attraction? | Starting Our Relationships With Empowered Thoughts: Despite Our Prior Encounters

Do You believe in the Law of Attraction? |  Starting Our Relationships With Empowered Thoughts: Despite Our Prior Encounters

“1:13 P.M.”  is short story incorporating the Law of Attraction impacting a man’s life  and thought process as he meets a potential soul mate. Without letting the realities of life destroy the possibilities, he pursues her openly in a noisy city and internally rationalizes the opportunity of love.

Questions to consider

Do you believe in the law of attraction?

How can we implement the law of attraction in our relationships for more positive experiences moving forward?

Does the feeling of love still excite your spirit despite the heartbreaking experience in prior relationships?



Law of Attraction


Law Of Attraction

“The “Law of Attraction” in relationships is a culmination of thoughts and actions combining together for a desirable vitality of life“. – Ike Ellis

The moment when you not only know you are attracted to a special person, but they are actually attracted to you is astronomical. The solar system will never be dim as long as human beings are falling in love. The frequency of love has no threshold, to which two people can control when it’s genuine.


“1:13 P.M.”

Short Story
the law of attraction

Oh what a wonderful feeling, as I hold her hand, sheltered from the sun by a few clouds, and in a moment, the raindrops will fall heavily, as the weather man forecasted, but this moment will last in our minds forever, as God intended so…. What will I do? Will I run from the opportunity to enjoy the life as my grandmother once spoke, or will I stand in the moment and try to visualize every step for our future from this second until eternity?

Law of attraction; one of the highest frequency known to mankind; when thoughts of two people connect without distractions from the noisy traffic of the heavily populated metropolitan area. The train passing poses no interference on the connecting heartbeats. People are chattering on their cell phones, but only the bird chirping is heard as I gaze from a distance into her enthusiastic persona.  The Rolex watch of a lonely rich man ticks as I feel the sun peeping through the clouds…The book closes from the college student as he is late to class. The law of attraction has finally unveiled itself to my universe.

I quickly send a text to myself so I can document the time. 1:13 pm exactly, without a moment to waste, I open my mental blocks of pain from prior relationships to ensure I don’t miss the coincidental break for my love life. I speak motivating words of confidence to myself. “This is my moment, this is my chance, and this is a clear prospect to my future soul mate”. I know she is feeling my vibe, as she smiles with such admiration.

I indulge in her personality, hoping I don’t lose her attention by saying something intractable. Her skin tone glisten goldenly with precision and I appreciate the humbling undertone of her voice. Her tone alone lets me know she cares about what I am saying and unwilling to compromise my position as a man.

The raging lion inside of me is eager to take on the world, but I become frustrated with failures as I face challenges only known to those of my skin color in America. America, America: “why does this country continue to push me to a dismal state of mind to the point my confidence is to broken to start a valuable relationship with a woman I may love forever?” I would love to continue the legacy of my unknown history.

What a confusion thought; internally she may sense my lack of confidence.    I asked her with affirmation, “Are you strong enough to bear the weight of my emotions changing, as I am strong enough to bear the weight of the world to protect and guide us through the fire implemented by a system of destruction”. She replied with an unwavering silence that spoke volumes. She understood my demeanor exactly.

In the back of my mind, I knew the mother of my child from a previous relationship was spiteful and would hate to see me move forward with another woman, but I had to explore the deeper meaning to the law of attraction. Something about this moment we had with no regard to the world around us, time had frozen at 1:13pm. April 4 th, 2032 the law of attraction allures us both to a place discrete in the city at this particular time, on this particular day. The aromas of the Italian restaurant both fixated the minds for lasagna. Wow! We have so many similarities it’s scary.

Wait, how can this be possible? Everybody knows loves does not exist. Everybody knows reality will over shadow any opportunity for a relationship to flourish. My last girlfriend told me, I would never be anything more than a dirt bag of a man. My two relationships prior had been failures because; I cheated and disrespected the relationship without any regard to the deepest meaning of the connection. I never did right before, so how could I possibly be the best man for her life. The law of attraction tells me different………


Concluding Thoughts

Black Love Possibilities Many times we lose sight of what first attracted us to our soul mate with realty obscuring our judgment to actively participate in the law of attraction. Ultimately, why we met will be for the universe to decide. We can’t control the law of attraction.

We have to conceptualize the behaviors we can control to ensure our relationship continue to thrive after two people have found the deepest connection. We also have to hold true constantly and persistently to our goals as couple. When we find the moment to accept the law of attraction and find positive insight in our own love life, prosperity will be among us during the first stages of our relationships.

More Questions to Consider

Do the feeling of love still excite your spirit despite the tragic experience in relationship happening prior?


Have you ever feared actually having a successful relationship?

Subscribe and Comment below with your thoughts as we discuss the law of attraction. Send me questions you would like to discuss and I will do my best to convey my thoughts from my perspective on the “Law Of Attraction”.

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