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5 Distinct Characteristics Men May Cringe To See When Being Pursued By A Woman


5 Distinct Characteristics, Men May Cringe To See When Being Pursued By A Woman.

A member of the Love On Fire Tribe asked me a highly relevant question. Shout to Kimberly aka Mrs Ojo for asking the question. It’s only right I try to give a clear understanding of  what characteristics make men cringe when being pursued by a woman. What are the do’s and don’ts of pursuing a man?  Fair question, as men don’t know exactly what a women want without asking a women.

I Am eager to see what characteristic automatically turn women off when he is pursuing her during the dating phase. Post your comments below.

Disclaimer: I can't speak for all men; I can only speak for myself through experience. The Love On Fire Relationship Blog posts are topics and experiences to be discussed, challenged, and debated to bring light to our relationship issues in a positive approach. Making the world a better place one-relationship topic at a time. 

Distinct Characteristics Men Cringe To See 

Don’ts While Pursing a Man

Be controlling

Cringe When She is Too ControllingIt’s perfectly ok to make suggestions, but ultimately human beings thrive on being able to make decisions for their own environment. We as men have limited control in life, from all the other authoritative figures such as police officers and judges exerting control to the point we suffocate each moment we are told to do something. I personally respond better when asked versus told. Forcing a man will only cause a rebellion to authority, in turn causing a slight tension towards any person who appears authoritative. Weather aggressively or passive aggressively the resistance will appear if a woman seems to be controlling initially. I have seen some men who endure controlling women even if they don’t like it, but stuck there because of their family. I have actually been with a controlling woman and would have stayed for my family, but not because I really wanted to be with her wholeheartedly.

Be Emotional

When we first start interacting with a person; we don’t want a woman is too emotional. I personally understand, we all go through our emotional stages in life. When I notice a woman expressing erratic changes in her emotional state, I quickly begin to look for a door to escape. It’s nothing wrong with being emotional, as we all have problems. How we bounce back from those problems is the key, I look for initially. For example, if she begins with saying something like “he cheated on me and I was looking to burn his house and find the bitch he was with” I find a way to smooth her out before we get to close. Many signs I look for these days in the first stages, so I no longer waste time or my internal soul with a person who emotions are not stable enough for us to develop a true bond. I also no longer want to give my body to a person of this nature, as I know the eventual results.

Be Discussing Prior Relationships

This is a definite “no no” coming out the gate. As the man, unless I ask for the information, I really don’t want to know about this guy, or that guy, as he is not me, and I don’t want to develop an irrational perception of a woman before, I am able to truly analyze her. I want to communicate and develop a personable friendship with her based on the person, versus her pass relationships. It’s too many determining variables that play into other people’s relationship. When a woman is discussing another man initially without me asking her about it, makes me feel as if she still loves him or she is too scarred to be repaired and I will find my escape from that situation promptly. I don’t care how beautiful she is, how big her booty is, if she still stuck on the previous guy, it’s never a good sign for us to develop anything meaningful.

Be Indecisive

Cringe When She Is Indecisive
Indecisive= No Good

Indecisiveness is one of the biggest turn off. Men love a woman who has her mind made and can easily make decisions. For example, she decides on an outfit. She decides to wear these heels with this dress, use this make up, this particular lipstick, with these accessories all because she knows exactly how she want to be depicted in this world. She confident with her image regardless of what society has portrayed her to appear. She opens her mouth and some type of substance she will provide the world. She gives life when she enters the room without ever saying a word. Which way she going is forward, even though life has beat us all, even though it’s so many chances for us all to give up.  She fights, but fights with a purpose, as she made a conscious decision to dedicate her life to the opportunity for her potential family to win. All of these characteristics describe a decisive woman in my opinion. When a man realizes, the woman does not know if she is coming or going displays a red flag to separate from her as quick as possible. It’s nothing wrong with looking for a woman who is humble with a direction in life. It’s hard to be committed to a woman who is unsure of what they want out of life. Commitment is a strong word, if we want commitment; we have to have some purpose to be committed, some goals to be satisfying in life, some ambitions to strive for in this world.

Be Uninspired

Uninspired to me, creates havoc for a forward direction of a potential relationship. Man or woman uninspired with life is an ultimate downfall. When we were children we believed in the tooth fairy bringing us money under our pillow. At least I did, and inspiration was born from my imagination. When committing to person, we as men have to know we can derive inspiration from that woman. It’s was plenty of women with ideas in which inspire me to develop another idea. When I am boxed in to one negative uninspired woman, I have had issues with my inspiration. Dream killers are the worst people alive. Regardless if one dream does not work, it does not cause action for the murder of our internal inspiration. Lets figure out another way to achieve our goals. When a person is uninspired, it leaves room for settling and to settle with life, creates feeling of defeat without ever vocalizing. I have seen people with talent beyond measure, but refuse to be inspired, eventually expressing excuses to why achievement is not possible. Who really want a person in their circle, who murders dreams? Life has a reality, but that don’t mean we have to stop dreaming. For example, I am an artist, and the moment I hear negative talk about pursing a music career, I instantly find somebody else to talk too. Regardless, if my music sell millions or one copy, it was created from my soul, and delivering my music to the world is the dream of mine. Pessimistic talk, doubtful conversations, hesitant actions, all reflects a person who doesn’t really believe in the possibility. I would rather talk to myself, than be with an uninspired dream killer.

Be Inspired
Break The Rules, Be Inspiring

I Am eager to see what characteristic automatically turn women off when he is pursuing her during the dating phase. Post your comments below. As always subscribe when you can. 

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3 thoughts on “5 Distinct Characteristics Men May Cringe To See When Being Pursued By A Woman

  1. #IkeEllis…thank you for writing this. I rarely get to see a males point of view printed in black and white. Many of the topics you hit on are true for women being pursued by men as well. I think I would add just a few more.

    Stability – A woman likes to see that a man is able to care for himself bc eventual he would be responsible for her household as well. This is not so much about finances as it is about mature decision making.

    Communication – This is a key element in any relationship. If he is unable to verbally hold my attention. There’s a good chance I have already checked out mentally and will physically check out too.

    Physical Appearance – This is not about being that 6’2″ dark chocolate muscular stallion we see in magazines but more about cleanliness and wearing clothes that fit as well as good hygiene. You would think I wouldn’t even have to mention that but I’ve experienced some things before marriage. LOL!

    Again thanks for writing this…I’ll have to think up some more questions for #IkeEllis

    –Mrs. Ojo

    1. Yea i Definitely agree with all of the added points. How you consider the manly man who goes to a dirty job. Come home stinking and smelling like he been working all day. The hygiene part will have a moment before he can get clean, and because he works this job everyday, he routinely smells this way, tracks dirt in the house, but he pays the bill promptly taking care of the household like he should. Does he get a pass on the Physical Appearance that you speak of or is held to strict ridicule from the woman that suppose to love him dearly. Let me know, I appreciate your comments and questions as it helps us all discuss this topics before they arise in our own personal relationships. #ikeellis #loveonfire

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