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5 Reasons He May Lose Interest Before a Relationship Starts

5 Reasons He May Lose Interest Before a Relationship Starts

As the ball rolls, I receive more questions about the thought process of men. I would like to reiterate the fact I really can’t speak for all men. Each man is different, as each woman is different; when considering relationships. This is an opportunity for us to get a civil conversation going before any animosity develops for our mates. Its good to analyze these topics, so when we are going into the potential relationship of our lives we can approach the battlefield of love with a stronger mind set and quality end goals in place.

Another individual asked me the other day, what are some reasons men lose interest in a woman. As a man, I often wondered the same thing about women. I have heard numerous women open up about how they would like to be married with a family lifestyle, then  in the same thought explain to me how “such and such” just didn’t cut the cake for her, even though he was well matched in a couple of categories. I begin to think and hopefully the women chiming in to this blog can give me some solidarity in why some women lose interest in a man.

I thought long and hard and came up with a few reasons why men lose interest in a woman. This seems simple and self-explanatory to me, but as I have come to realize women and men process life completely different. We as men see relationships from different eyes and most of the time men are completely unaware of what a woman is feeling and expected to know exactly what she is feeling without any true form of guidance. Shooting bullets in the dark when we don’t communicate affectively to discover each other’s feelings.   Ok, let me get to the meat of this post.

Reasons……….a man could lose interest

Financial Burden

A man will lose interest quickly if he feels the woman is becoming a financial burden to quickly. Coming out the gate, a man would like to feel like “the man” so paying is something he will be willing to do for a women he really wants to explore completely. He will buy flowers, pay for the movie, pay for dinner, or whatever to seal the deal. More than likely he feels obligated as society has drove chivalry into our minds and spending money is highly correlated with making a woman feel special, so we believe. I have found multiple free things to do to make a woman feel special, but it takes genuine effort on a man’s part, but that is for another post.  If she comes the day after a special date between the two of them and explains she needs her cell phone bill paid, a red flag rises immediately. A couple questions a man is asking himself. She doesn’t have enough money to pay her own cell phone bill? How does she feel so comfortable asking for money and we just starting? Hmmm….next thought is moving on to the next women, promptly. See a man won’t to pay for what he want to pay for, not what she wants him to pay for, when it comes to spending his money. He could even have the money available, but he is looking for the women to show some type of ambition and independence to grow together instead of feeling like she can’t even hold her own cell phone bill down. All in all, be a partner instead of a burden, companion instead of bill and the interest will remain I believe…….

Lack of Focus

Of course we are focused individuals in this world. We survive everyday with multiple problems to solve and open our lives to our families, friends and a significant other. A man will lose interest quickly if he notices she is not focus and cannot handle the simple day to day problems that arise in her own life. Where is the focus? Why are the children not eating? Why is the house dirty? These are questions asked internally when trying to develop an understanding of her focus? What is she focused on is the next question? I have heard stories of women who lost focus of their marriage and begin to focus on a younger man. Everything within the marriage begins to turn sideways because the man could not handle life without her focus. A man’s life is chaotic, and normally he searches for a woman who can bring a balance. To bring the balance to his life however, she must have a concrete balance in her own life. Two people focused together can accomplish so much in this world. When the distractions of world are minimized and the focus is sharp the potential is limitless.

Lack of Ambition

One of the most unattractive characteristics is a lack of ambition. A man is a natural dreamer. He wants to achieve success in life even if he doesn’t know how to at the moment. Lack of ambition from the woman in his life brings an unbearable negative energy and completely destroys the make up a man. If the woman is unconfident he will be unconfident. If the woman is a dream killer all his dreams will die to her weapon. If the woman is complainer who put no effort to solve the issue, the family will continue to be in despair, ultimately creating a feeling around the man of being less than a man. If a man recognizes any of these traits, and realize that the traits are unfixable, the interest will be gone quickly. To put it all in perspective, men want to win in life, and the world will not just let the man win, so he needs a teammate to get the job done. How can she help him win if she constantly depletes his soul with a lack of ambition?

Friend Zone Type

A man needs a friend in a relationship. This is true, but a man does not want a friend zone type chick for his partner is his relationship. A friend is a friend, but a man’s lady is his woman. He cherishes the time with her like a friend, but as his lady he appreciates the time with her on a more complex level than one of a friend. Associates, friends, and random people can’t possibly match the existence of the woman he truly cherishes. A friend zone chick will not be a complete turn off, however a man will lose interest in the friend zone chick as he will not see it going any further than just friends. Even if he have sex with her, the sex is good, it will be something missing that deep down inside the man will be searching for that will not equate to the woman of his life. Eventually, he may settle for the friend zone type chick after all the games are played, but who wants to be settled for in this world. We are on mission to acquire who we want in this life. It’s nothing wrong with being a friend zone type chick, but when a man is looking for the special one, a friend zone type chick will not cut the cake.

Lack of Sex

I saved the topic of lack of sex last in this blog post. Sex is important, but before we ever get to having sex with person, we should be evaluating other characteristic that make up the notion around if we want to spend long term with that person. For example, a financial burden will impact a relationship over time. Lack of sex can also impact over time, however I believe sex is one of those issues in a relationships that can truly be fix with practiced and proper communication. Nevertheless, a lack of sex can make a man lose interest. His first objective is determining, how much sex can he potentially have with a woman. Are her physical features arousing? Is she frequently having sex or is she in shell? Does she have multiple male friends whom she could potentially be having sex with at the current time? Is she physically attracted to the man or she just looking for security? The man with a serious look ponders questions as these, as they often highlight potential derailing between the man and the woman. If he don’t like how she look, more than likely he will cheat with some figment in his imagination as if he will find someone who looks better. If he thinks she is cheating, he will cheat, as she have multiple male friends, so he will use that to justify why he can cheat in his mind. If she in a shell and not really having sex, he is going to find somebody he can have sex with until the woman gets more comfortable. However,  the emotional damage will have already been done at this point and once the trust is broken, its hard to mend. If she really not attracted to the man, but with the man for security, he knows his money can find another woman to accomplish the same goal, so he will use that to validate why he can cheat on her possibly.

In Conclusion……..

Losing interest in a woman consist of multiple philosophies working together simultaneously to make the decision if he as man will continue to put forth an effort or leave to find another woman. I’m leaving these topics open ended for feedback. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on losing interest in a potential partner. What are the breaking points do you folks use to determine if you will not continue to put forth any effort in a potential relationship? I remind you, this is the dating phase or before. People, who are married, live by a different set of rules, because the legal obligations connecting the two parties are held in a court of law. Alimony and child support highly impact the decisions to call it a quits, but that’s for another post in the future. In conclusion, what are some of your reasons for splitting away from potential mate male or female?


As always, thanks you for reading, subscribe when you can, and we love your feedback on these different topics!!!


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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons He May Lose Interest Before a Relationship Starts

  1. I agree with your analysis of why a mate (man) would or could lose interest. Basically, finances, communication, time and sex can and will contribute to a lossof iinterest on either side. Getting to know your potential mate is crucial to pursuing the relationship and making it work long-term.

    1. I concur, Angela…we have an opportunity to develop a keen sense of prosperity with all attributes mention above. What ways do you get to know your mate, that solidify your confidence in it lasting long term? Appreciate your comment , more post on the way !!

  2. I agree with you on some aspects but not all,such as a woman being a financial burden just Bc she asked for help from the mate if they are dating wether it’s in the beginning or not because if it was vice Verse and he needed help and I could help him I would, but a woman shouldn’t be looked at or referred to as a financial burden… and the lack of sex part it’s no justification when it comes to cheating,cheating is a CHOICE! Point blank and we really aren’t supposed to be having sex if we aren’t married anyway so ??‍♀️ But the blog was very interesting and good to know from a man’s point of view!

    1. Definitely agree, it’s only scenarios, for us all to analyze. “Fanancial burden” term was used to describe the feeling with an attempt to develop the rational behind why some action are displayed. Appreciate you posting as it creates an opportunity to discuss these topics without the animosity between two parties trying build a relationship.

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