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Road To Release V- Log 3


 Road 2 Release

Behind the scene footage from the “cornbread” intro.

As “showtime” say

“this is just the intro” !!!


The Cornbread Album represents the struggle of our folks from historical times leading up to yesterday. The struggle consistently presents itself in all forms. Whether it is the form of financial enslavement, incarceration, poverty stricken communities, and disease with ability to treat, we all are looking for freedom of some sort. The nature of the world as we see it captures our inspiration to exist freely in this world. The cornbread takes direct shots at all types of social impurities that hinder the people from progress. Each song connects to an emotion that elevates the track to greatness. The ability of overcome poverty without assistance from the enemy who impoverish is what makes this album great. The album is totally independent. The production, the lyrics, the mix, the video editing, the mastering, was all funded independently under 100 grand Entertainment. Stay tuned for more post an behind the scene footage from the Road 2 Release series on 

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