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Road to Release V- Log 2

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We make history when we continue to live. Yesterday is no longer, only a memory. To remember though, to have food for thought, to open doors from the past, to face our adversaries head on and triumph, the cornbread album captures. I want the people to listen to the album and really be touched at their soul. The cornbread completed the meal in my house hold. You finished the meal when the cornbread was finished. The representation of African American culture derives from the mother land. The album captures and embodies every emotion of a black male in America. Inferiority, poverty, triumph, confidence, pride, anger, happiness, love, determination, heart ache, contentment, excellence, all describe the emotional roller coaster of this particular album.   The Cornbread album dominates every element, production, lyrically, hooks, and delivery. I am not saying this because wrote the album. I completed this album two years ago, but the classic rhymes catches me every time I listen to the album. I have new songs that I wrote and listen to now, but this album is a classic. I am trying my best to put “extraordinary” into words. Music is meant to be consumed. Music is meant to fulfill the brain. Music is meant to stimulate senses. Witness the greatness May 20th 2014, I promise I got you. Thank you to all for the support through the years and journey of this album, my musical career, and in life in general. It was so many time where I wanted to quit, but could because somebody supported my skills and talented. Just a post for the supporters, I am nothing with you, just a dude in the streets looking for supporters like you!!! Straight up…..Have a great day!!!!

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Stay tuned to the in-depth conversations and footage, while releasing the first debut album entitled “cornbread” from IKE ELLIS. The mission is simple, release the album, conduct business, satisfy the supporters. We are grateful for your support.

The album release May 20 2014!!!


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