Law of attraction; one of the highest frequency known to mankind; when thoughts of two people connect without distractions from the noisy traffic of the heavily populated metropolitan area. The train passing poses no interference on the connecting heartbeats. People are chattering on their cell phones, but only the bird chirping is heard as I gaze from a distance into her enthusiastic persona.

Distinct Characteristics Men Cringe To See 



It’s perfectly ok to make suggestions, but ultimately human beings thrive on being able to make decisions for their own environment. We as men have limited control in life, from all the other authoritative figures such as police officers and judges exerting control to the point we suffocate each moment we are told to do something

Bitterness is a cancer that eats away our soul. More times that none we lose sight of our ultimate goals or our relationship because of the mental block baring us from our own negative behaviors within our relationships. We don’t look at the person in mirror with any fault. We would rather choose to blame another person, than work on our own faults in preparation for our next relationship. Love can be painful, as we experience a direct connection with a person, and actions executed by that person have the ability to uplift our spirits or desolate our nature.

How can we grow in a relationship, if our goals are limited to a flashy way of living with no sense of stability? We suppose to own homes right? We suppose own land right? How can we acquire these things if we are wasting our money on items that depreciate in value as soon as we buy them? It’s not that we buy the items per se, but the reason we are buying these items.   I often wonder, as a man, how important is security compared to love in a relationship. Relationships are suppose to be about love, trust, loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, commitment, truthfulness, and the list can go on with words we often disregard when we first connect with a potential love of our life.

Losing interest in a woman consist of multiple philosophies working together simultaneously to make the decision if he as man will continue to put forth an effort or leave to find another woman. I’m leaving these topics open ended for feedback. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on losing interest in a potential partner. What are the breaking points do you folks use to determine if you will not continue to put forth any effort in a potential relationship?

I am interested to see how the adolescent years impacted your interaction within relationship at this time. DO you have a person who you remember scared you, but you find a way to overcome the heartbreak and have a successful relationship in the present time. Do you still hold a grudge for the negative actions committed to you? I found a way to forgive each and every person who have done me wrong in a relationship.

How he fulfills her sexually, emotionally, physically, and mentally all are significant to the man in the relationship. The sex is very important, but realize it’s not the only aspect important to the man in a relationship. I would like to stress the balance of the universe between two people to really achieve that ultimate bliss of love. What are you some of your thoughts on how significant sex is in a relationship? Do you feel it’s more important than growing together? Is growing sexually a catalyst to growing in other aspects of the relationship or vice versus? For example, is making money together more important than growing sexually together? This is the “Bed Room Significance” post and your thoughts are kindly welcomed. Ready Set Go!!!!!