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IKE ELLIS - Cornbread Album


A Hip Hop Musician

From North Carolina

IKE ELLIS sets the latest trend constantly through the country.

Never one to march behind anyone else, rapper/songwriter/producer IKE ELLIS has crafted a standard-setting career that includes three Carolina Music Awards nomination and status as a North Carolina hip-hop legend. But that doesn’t mean the superstar is content to rest on those hard-won laurels.

“Doing music the same way will only produce the same results” explains IKE ELLIS. “I firmly believe that to receive what you’ve never had, you must be willing to work harder than the competition.

And the King of Carolina is doing just that as he ramps up the next bar-raising phase in his storied career with the Cornbread Album. The rapper’s first studio album has set standards for independent and mainstream music delivering a quality masterpiece of substance and consciousness.

Coming off winning collaboration with numerous independent artist from around the nation associated with the SE 360 Music Festival; the album continues to set precedence throughout the nation. The Album includes collaborations with Tish SongBird Martin, S.Gold, Bethany Sneed, Emily Witherspoon, Picassoul, and Renee Jones. The production from big names producers such as Focus of Forbes Music Group, Doc Verbs, Brad-M, KZR Beats, and IKE ELLIS himself. The aim: creative growth outside the box without alienating the rapper’s legion of fans.

“You must find ways to reinvent yourself in order to remain relevant in this game, said IKE ELLIS. And who better to help me than someone as passionate and talented as Tish Song Bird? She found a way to bring a colorful, soulful approach to my intellectual celebrity. Between her wings and my anchor, we balance each other out. That dynamic dual is what makes this project unique.” Grateful for her participation on the Cornbread Album